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  • Guest Blog: Master Gene Gause speaks about “Shanghai Dragons”

    Master Sung Jin SuhThis guest blog is from Master Gene Gause speaking about an upcoming film project that will support the World Kuk Sool Association and will feature Su Suhk Kwan Jang Nim Sung Jin Suh.

    The Story

    Shanghai Dragons started as a story about kidnapping, political intrigue, and a heroic group of teens engaged in a rescue mission. All of this is set against the backdrop of an international martial art tourney in Shanghai. While this is still the central theme, so many adult action stars have asked to join the project, we have the delightful problem of getting them screen time.

    This film was never going to be a “tournament movie” or even a martial arts movie in the classical sense. It is an action adventure story that has great martial art scenes.


    Two martial arts teams (U.S. and Chinese, ages 12-17) have been taunting one another via social media in anticipation of a pending tournament in Shanghai. During the contest, the entire event is interrupted when a team member 

    Two martial arts teams (U.S. and Chinese, ages 12-17) have been taunting one another via social media in anticipation of a pending tournament in Shanghai. During the contest, the entire event is interrupted when a team member (the relative of a U.S. Diplomat) is kidnapped.

    The two teams decide that only they can rescue the lad and set aside their petty behavior, and only if they unite in their efforts (to the chagrin of Chinese and American authorities). They use social media and a variety of electronics, to engage in hot pursuit of the bad guys. There are wild chases through the streets of Shanghai, plot twists, and intrigue; humorous situations and predicaments ensue.

    Shanghai Dragons has already secured permits to run crazy chase scenes through the streets of Shanghai, no easy task for such a booming city. To my surprise, the cost of such permits was well over a million dollars. I will have a new appreciation when I see chase scenes in a movie from now on!

    When I started hearing of all the big name Chinese stars who wanted in, I thought to myself, “Dang! This starting to resemble The Expendables meets Jason Bourne meets The Transporter!” It will be interesting to see how the storyline is adjusted to accommodate all these action heroes.

    Instead of one central star, they all have to share camera time. Of course with the likes of Sammo Hung, you can expect awesome fight scenes.

    Who’s Involved?

    Sammo Hung: Loved and recognized the world over. Shanghai Dragons will allow YOU to be a part of one of HIS movies. Supporting the Kickstarter is a way to get your music, story ideas, and YOURSELF into the film. Check out Kickstarter and be a part of this first ever U.S./China joint venture.

    Cynthia Rothrock: Martial Art Master, Actor, Producer

    Dennis Brown: Kung Fu GM

    Douglas Wong: Sifu White Lotus System

    Sung Jin Suh: Master, Kuk Sool Won – Master Suh is always a good guy. As it stands, Master Suh will play himself in Shanghai Dragons.

    Sammo Hung will star in Shanghai Dragons will lead other big name action stars we will announce later on. The secondary group includes our heroic teens and our martial arts icons.

    Some actors and martial artists will have several scenes, and some will have cameos. The main stars will get the lion’s share of screen time as you would expect. All the major stars have their list of projects in progress so creating a filming schedule to get all of them in the film is tricky. They can’t just take off from the films they are committed to finishing.

    How can you get involved?

    As far as I have determined this is the first ever audience participation campaign for this level of movie making (high budget, international film).

    1. You must be a supporter on Kickstarter

    2. Kickstarter issues each supporter a registration number.

    3. At the end of the Shanghai Dragons promo, you send the registration number, description of your material (music, demo, ideas), and your materials to a special website. Only supporters will receive this web address.

    Things you might think about:

    1. What’s the reason for the kidnapping?

    2. Are any of the major characters involved?

    3. What type of funny situations and predicaments will occur?

    4. What kinds of chase scenes take place through the streets of Shanghai?

    5. What plot twists would be interesting?

    6. What sort of music fits this adventure story?

    Although our script is already written, your good ideas can change the storyline. In this way, you can contribute to a major international film. While this would look awesome on a resume for script writers, comedians, and musicians, any supporter can participate – no experience necessary.

    For phase one (DEVELOPMENT), you will only have 30 days to register, so get your ideas and video clips done ahead of time to avoid missing this opportunity.It will pretty cool to be able to say that your ideas/music were used in this movie! Of course, it has to be good to be considered so do your best.

    Participation qualifies you to:

    1. Send story ideas for consideration. When selected, your idea gets used in the movie, and your name in the end credits.

    2. Send original music that can be used in the film soundtrack. Get a chance you go on tour with name bands and play your original work.

    3. Compose a martial arts demo (50 seconds or less), and if picked, you will be in the movie!

    People have asked if they HAVE to submit materials for the film Shanghai Dragons to support their favorite martial art or martial arts Icon. It’s OPTIONAL. Everyone can participate, and those that WANT can also offer story ideas, music, and martial arts demos for consideration. It’s a BONUS, not a requirement. All supporters still get nice rewards for helping out.

    On the Kickstarter site, all pledges made are on hold until the end if the campaign. Nobody gets charged until the successful project has met or surpassed the goal. If things go awry, nobody is charged at all. This is how Kickstarter protects the supporters of projects listed on their site.

    I am looking for our WKSA nation to join in and support Master Sung Jin Suh and his role in Shanghai Dragons in the coming weeks. This project will be huge for Kuk Sool Won and, therefore, great for all Kuk Sool students and instructors. You can let him know on the seminar, workshop, and Tournament tour that you were a part of this historic movie.

    Check out the Kickstarter Project Page HERE.